Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jacaranda at UQ Lakeside

Having a lake in the campus is one of the best thing in the world.
Before coming to UQ, I had no idea how the campus look like. I never google or ask anyone how big or beautiful it is. 
I only found out there's a lake when I reached here and it was few months after my arrival.

Jacaranda is a flowering plant with beautiful purple-blue flowers that bloom in Spring. 
Romantic sparks around Brisbane every year in late September and through the October. 

There's many Jacaranda planted around the UQ Lake. When people got off the UQ Lakeside bus stop, purple trees are all they can see. 

Here's some photo I've taken around the lake at different time in October,

Bench around the lake for you to take a meal, read a book, take a breath or just sit there and enjoy the view. 

You can also sit on the field and study.
There were few times when I was feeling low or don't feel happy, I went to UQ Lake with a book. Reading a book made me forget about what made me sad. Sometimes there are ducks or goose that walk by and even sit down around me. I listened to the birds, felt the breeze and enjoyed the mild sunny day. One or two hours later, I felt so different and great!

One of the birds (I have no idea what is it) 

Sun shine through the leaves & twigs.

Everyday there's people taking photo. Every time I visited the lakeside, there's a couple taking wedding photos. 

Feel so good to walk under it BUT the urban myth ruined alot of student's love for Jacaranda.
If the Jacaranda flower hit your head, you'll fail in the exam.
WHATTTTTT, NO WAY. Now everyone have to cover their head or avoid walking around it!
Funny guy Chong Hao covers his head and run every single time he had to walk under it.

Well, I heard that the myth is a hoax. I got hit 5 times. Let's see if I'll graduate.
Quack quack quack.

Me under the tree! *flower dropped and hit my head!*

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